Layla's Cleaning Services
Giving New Yorkers a neater experience.
Our Services
State-of-the-art type of cleaning needed for your home or office site.
Our Services
Let us help you!
We make sure that our cleaning professional team provide the greatest home and office  service that meets your expectations.
It's simple, efficient and you will love the results.
  1. Studio Cleaning
    We offer a basic package for your one bathroom without a bedroom home setting.
  2. House Cleaning
    Home cleaning prices vary depending upon the size of the place, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Contact us anytime for a free quote.
  3. Office Cleaning
    Starting at the given price for a small office but may vary as number of rooms increases.
  4. Thunder Job
    A specific single fast-task of your choice for a flat rate: Swipe & Mop. Dish cleaning. Bathroom cleaning. Bedroom Cleaning. Room organizing.